Lla Poleon undertaking training at Alpaca Magic

Alpaca Magic

By arrangement

10 am – 3 pm

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This workshop is run by special arrangement, please let us know your interest.

When you know how, alpacas and llamas are quite easy to train. At this Hands-On Workshop you can meet and interact with our herd of around 200 alpacas and llamas, and you learn how to interact successfully with them.

Having trouble with a particular animal? Book him in too!

In this workshop you will learn

  • The secrets of training.
  • Reading his body language
  • Gaining your animals trust using your body language
  • How to approach your animal
  • Advance and retreat
  • Food Rewards (and non food rewards)
  • Putting on his head collar
  • Making sure his head collar fits well
  • Attaching a rope
  • Lead training
  • To become your llamas partner and protector… and lots more