Grazing cattle with hills in the background

If you are thinking of buying, or are ready starting to set up a farm, there are many things to consider.

Some are really simple things – for instance is there a rubbish collection, or a school bus?

Other things are more complicated: Do I need livestock? What sort of livestock should I have? How many livestock can my farm carry?

Are the existing fences suitable for the livestock I intend to have? Are the fences in the right place, or do I need new ones?  Where is the best place for a gate? What about water and shade for my livestock? How do you find contractors to fence, build sheds, dams etc?

With over 40 years of experience, Glynda is available to inspect your property or prospect property, discuss various options or even to just bounce ideas around with you.

There is a substantial amount that can be done in an office meeting and by phone, however the most important part of the consultancy is best done on-site.

A few dollars spent in the early planning stages can save a lot of frustration and big dollars later.

You might also like to attend some of our Tree Change workshops.  Mostly these workshops are provided on request rather than listed as events on the calendar.  There are also many livestock workshops run regularly.

We also provide coaching services regarding farming and farm lifestyle.


Coaching is ongoing training for new farmers or soon-to-be farmers.  For the most part this is hands-on practical tuition, available at Alpaca Magic.  This can be structured: it may consist of attending some of our many workshops, attending a special workshop tailored to your specific needs at Alpaca Magic or at your place, or can be done by phone, or a combination of all of these things.

Fees will vary depending on if this is a general workshop, special tuition, private tuition.  Some of this instruction is available free for those who are accepted as volunteers at the farm.  Volunteers who come on a regular basis will learn a variety of farm and livestock skills.