Alpaca Magic is a distributor of Ertoel Roberta electronic spinning wheels for NSW & ACT, including the Roberta Electronic Spinner.

Two versions are available: 240 volt or dual power that runs off both 240 volt and 12 volt power sources. Contact us for repairs, reconditioning, spare parts, drum carders, electric carders. and the best deals for all Ertoel products.

Originally designed around 40 years ago for spinners who had back or leg issues having difficulty using the standard treddle machines, the Roberta then became popular for spinners of all ages and spinning standards, with or without health issues. Using the Roberta, the spinner produces a lot of yarn quite quickly – from very fine yarn to very thick yarn. It is suitable for spinning alpaca, merino and any other yarn you would like to spin.

The single powered Combo (the most popular Roberta) includes 2 standard and 1 jumbo bobbin.  Bobbins are available separately as well.

The Standard Roberta runs on normal mains power on around 50w, so is very economical

The other popular model runs on both normal mains power and battery power eg. car, battery pack, solar cell etc and is  especially useful for those wishing to take their Roberta when they travel, camp or if they wish to spin at outdoor demonstrations.

A student learning how to spin on the Roberta Spinning Machine
A lady operating the Roberta Spinning Machine


The Roberta has become popular with home spinners who have discovered its many advantages and its versatility:

  • Now there is no need to treadle!!!
  • Beginners often find it difficult to co-ordinate the treadle action with their feet, whilst feeding the fibre into the spinner with their hands. There is now no need to master the treadle action – the Roberta does this for you!
  • For the experienced spinner, the Roberta effortlessly spins up to 3 times faster, and plies around 6 times faster.
  • It is perfect for travelling, camping, caravanning where mains power is available. Where mains power is not available, the dual powered model also runs off 12 volt power: It will run from the car cigarette lighter, a rechargeable carry pack, jump start pack or a small solar panel
  • The Roberta is light weight (around 5 kgs), compact and portable
  • The Roberta runs almost silently
  • It uses less energy when spinning than does a 60 watt light bulb.
  • The Roberta motor is guaranteed for 10 years
  • The Roberta is crafted to the highest professional standard; and is attractive and long lasting
  • Long lasting motor. Protected from any damage by the electronics design. Motor guarantee is for 10 years. Even if it is used for constant commercial use.
  • Nice furniture finish to the Roberta Spinner which complements its professional performance. The “Roll Royce” of spinners without the high price tag.

Please contact us for pricing and more information.

A cartoon of ladies spinning alpaca and llama fibre directly from amused animals