Alpaca Magic owns several quality stud males available for service. We also have visiting males from time to time. Our males are selected on conformation, temperament and fleece quality. Stud services for outside females are available. Special discounts are available for clients who purchase and/or agist (board) their females at Alpaca Magic. Discounts are available for multiple outside matings. You will be impressed with the quality of our Alpaca males standing at Stud.

Llamas and alpacas standing on a hill watching the photographer

Drive-through matings

You bring your female to Alpaca Magic, she is mated and then returns home. This mating includes a live cria guarantee and a Service (A4) Certificate

Stud service guarantees for alpacas and llamas

Live cria guarantee: means that one free service (that results in a pregnancy) will by given by Alpaca Magic if the female aborts, delivers a dead cria, or the cria does not survive for 24 hours, PROVIDING the female and cria were cared for in an appropriate manner before, during and after birth. Alpaca Magic is at liberty to require a vet’s certificate to establish cria’s cause of death.

The owner will be required to pay for an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy resulting from the free return service. In the event that the resulting cria of the free return mating is still born or does not survive for 24 hours, the next service will be at the cost of the owner.

For more information about stud services, please phone Glynda on (02) 6230 3311 or send an email to

Llama studs

Llama Magic WAR DANCE

  • Sire: Llama Magic Charlemange
  • Dam: Llama Magic Willow
  • Born 24/10/14
  • Solid dark brown. Great temperament, good bone structure, outstanding conformation and fibre
  • From our exclusive W line, which has produced a number of stud-quality males
  • Produces robust crias with excellent conformation & calm temperaments
  • Produces varied colours

Llama Magic RUBIN

  • Sire: Llama Magic Zambuka
  • Dam: Sunraysia Ruby
  • Born: 1/3/12
  • Soft silky fleece
  • Appaloosa
  • Rubin has the sweet nature of his mother Ruby with the size and pattern of his father Zambuka. He is very attractive, tall and stretchy with lovely fleece and conformation
  • All his crias have been tall, strong animals with excellent conformation.

Llama Magic ZORRO

  • Sire: Llama Magic Charlemagne
  • Dam: Llama Magic Shiraz
  • Born: 1/4/09
  • Long fine wool, single fleeced
  • Born with a black coat, Zorro has developed a nice silvery frosting over time
  • A medium sized, sturdy animal, he has produced a number of friendly, sturdy crias.

Alpaca Magic SHERLOCK

  • Sire: Llovely Banks Top Class
  • Dam: Llama Magic Sheherezade
  • Born 25/03/2012
  • Medium Brown
  • Very large male
  • Good temperament and bone structure
  • From a long line of large, sturdy animals

Llama Magic CHEERS

  • Sire: Llovely Banks Shamrock
  • Dam: Llovely Banks Champagne
  • Born: 2/5/11
  • Long fine wool
  • Almost solid white
  • Just like his dad Shamrock, Cheers is big, strong, stocky boy with very heavy bone, outstanding conformation and fleece. He would be an ideal sire for someone wanting a llama for packing or carting

Llama Magic ZAMBUKA

  • Sire: Llovely Banks Top Class
  • Dam: Temptation Phantom Surprise
  • Born: 16/11/08
  • Appaloosa, long fine single fleeced
  • Zambuka has a gentle an inquisitive temperament, with good bone structure.  He has a lovely soft, silky fleece.
  • His first cria,  Rubin, was born on 1/04/12 and is a stunning appaloosa male that stands at stud here at Llama Magic.

Alpaca studs

There are no alpaca studs available for mating at the moment.