Llamas for Sale

Alpaca Magic always has animals for sale. Prices depend on the animal, the sex, pregnancy status, the age and the conformation. Please contact sales@alpacamagic.com.au for more details.

There are many questions small and large that new owners have. As experienced breeders & full time farmers (who have been breeding alpacas & llamas since 1997), we are happy to offer you our advice and support.










Special Notes
Sassie Lassie White with brown spots 15/10/09 LB Eightisenuf See you Later 5333. Has a delightful cluster of spots near her tail.
Rhumba Grey and white 18/09/09 LM Shamrock  Ruby 2880. Friendly & halter trained.
Wollomi Light brown with white neck 25/03/12 LM Chopin  Shimmer 5066. Strong framed. Halter trained.
Revlon Light brown with grey face 03/11/16 LM Thuja Rouge 2951.  Lovely fuzzy ears and good      genetics. Halter trained
Motley Dark Brown & White spot appy 22/09/19 LM Zambuca Razzmatazz 7477. A sweet spotty girl with lovely genetics. Halter trained.



Rowan Solid Brown 01/03/23 LM Angus Revlon Llama. Lovely nature with silky fleece
Lla Lochy Brown & White 01/05/23 LM Rubin Lla Laura ¾ Llapaca. Quiet boy. Will be weaned by December

Gelded (Castrated) Males

Rudolph Appy with white face 15/02/23 LM Zorro Rum Raisin Llama Gelding.  Nice boy with a lovely mix of colours

Stud Males









Special Notes
  Cheers          Solid white 02/05/11 LM Shamrock  Champagne 4200. Llama. Looking for a retirement home. Halter trained and a quiet.
Angus Grey/white/brown appy 29/02/16  LB High Voltage  Real Gold    Llama Suri.  
Zorro Dark grey with black face & legs 01/04/09 LM Charlemagne  Shiraz 3455. Llama. Easy to work with and halter trained


Quality Stock

We value highly docile and co-operative livestock.  We breed for conformation, fleece, hardiness AND temperament. We breed a variety of colours and fleece types. As well as using our own bloodlines and stud males, we source breeders from other outstanding lines.  This gives us a large gene pool ensuring buyers the opportunity to buy animals with impressive fleece, temperament, show potential and eye appeal.


We have a good association with several vets and are involved in the Sydney, Charles Sturt, James Cook and other University Veterinary Extramural Programs. We also use natural therapies such as massage and Reiki to enhance our animal’s well-being and to promote a robust constitution.

After sales service and support

Our after sales service and ongoing customer support is professional, yet friendly

Realistic prices

All include GST. See details below for general pricing on our livestock.

Education for new owners

Learn to be successful AND have fun. We believe that education is paramount to the success of new owners/breeders as well as the well-being of their livestock and the ultimate success of the industry.We run a variety of workshops and offer “on farm” training at Alpaca Magic for new and prospective owners. We also offer Livestock and Farm Set-Up Consultancy and Coaching.

Experience and commitment to our clients and animals

There are other enthusiastic breeders in the alpaca, llama and donkey industries – many are fairly new to farming – only a few are experienced in livestock breeding and even less are full time farmers.  Whereas began breeding alpacas & llamas in 1997, we have been involved in livestock since 1968. Alpaca Magic is a full time, commercial enterprise.

Mating discounts

Mating discounts are ongoing and apply to all females bought from Alpaca Magic. We own a number of alpaca stud males and llama stud males.


We can agist (board) your purchase. Short or long term board and management is our specialty, learn more about agistment.  Agistment includes education of new owners.


We are located 20 minutes from Canberra with tar road to the gate, and well maintained gravel road to the homestead. We have exceptional facilities, including sheds, laneways and well fenced paddocks.

Ezy payment plan

Our Ezy Payment Plan allows you to buy your alpaca/llama on an interest free, time-payment plan that you can afford. You will be surprised how we can negotiate a plan that is within your budget.


From $ To $
Guardian quality males/geldings $2,000 $3,500
Pet quality males/geldings crias/yearlings $2,500 $3,500
Female crias $3,500 $7,000
Maiden $3,500 $7,000
Pregnant females $5,000 $10,500
3/1 packages (mother + cria + re-mated) $7,500 $12,000
Potential Stud Males POA POA
Stud Males POA POA