Llamas in the morning mist

Alpaca Magic

$55 per person

1 hr duration.

This event is held once every two months.
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It might be on a misty morning that you watch the mist rise revealing a tranquil vista of paddocks and rolling hills, with dozens of alpacas and llamas peacefully grazing… or on a frosty morning watch the frost on their whiskers and fleece become steam rising from their bodies as they amble up the paddock for their breakfast.

It might also that you are attending in the evening and instead of those picturesque morning mists and frosty scenes you may see the brilliant golden orb sinking slowing behind the hills. The sun dips swiftly after a long hard day traversing across the sky. Breakfast is long gone and now everyone is getting ready for the end of the day; the shadows are now racing up to meet you.

This is a rare opportunity, whether in the morning or at twilight, and one not to be missed – meet over 100 alpacas and llamas, learn about them, and take wonderful “selfies” with them.

Feed them treats (bring carrots finely sliced – not more than the width of a coin).

If you are attending in the morning then bring your own picnic breakfast and mingle with these gentle and inquisitive animals.  You could well lose your heart to an alpaca or llama.

Wear warm and comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes, bring your camera.

This even is usually not suitable for children. Please contact us before booking if you would like your child to attend.

Bookings are essential.

NSW Covid Regulations –

Our events are held in accordance with NSW Government Covid Safe Regulations.