We’ve dealt with lots of people and businesses over the years and collected many contacts that we find useful for ourselves, our customers and our friends. We hope you find them useful too.

Alpaca Magic


  • Contact Glynda direct on 62303311 for shearer details

Farriers & Toenail Trimmers

Fibre Processing

Animal Handling Services (also see shearing page)

  • Certified Horse Dentist (does llamas and alpacas too) – Lucy O’Shaughnessy (ACT & Southern NSW) – Ph. 0407 237 909
  • Animal Physio – Louise Steinman – Ph. 0410 956 417
  • Bowen Therapy for animals

Livestock Transport

  • Tim Cooper – Ph. 0428 731 004
  • Alternately you could try Yellow Pages for “Horse Transporters”

Llama/Alpaca-Themed Gift Ideas

Animal Societies & Contacts


Our Caterers