Alpaca Magic

$55 per person

1 hr duration

This event is held once every two months.
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How big is a donkey? Well, that’s usually a matter of perspective… Not with our gorgeous herd. We have regular, medium and small sized donkeys,  and miniature donkeys; and sometimes we have VERY little foals!

NSW Covid Regulations –

As per NSW Government Covid Safe Regulations all attendees over the age of 16yrs at public events must be fully vaccinated or be the holder of and able to show a medical exemption. Please contact us if your or your family members have Covid symptoms.

Just like oversized dogs, these animals love to follow you around; give you a gentle nudge, or tug on your clothing, to remind you that ALL your attention should be on petting them; and they even smile for the camera!

They can be very cute too. The video link show the the dreams and delights of a donkey………

View this video now.

What would  spending 1 hour with our donkey herd be like? Well, you’ll be just as reluctant as our animals will be to let you go home. And you’ll probably need to clear out some space on your phone to accommodate all the selfies you’re going to take.

Well supervised children are welcome.