Open Day 26th March!

It’s that time of year again! Our biannual open day is on Sunday the 26th of March. No bookings necessary, just turn up anytime between 11am-3pm and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to show you around the farm, answer any of your questions, and provide you with some slices of carrot to feed to the Llamas & Alpacas (who will be roaming around the garden area, mixed in amongst our human visitors). …Yes, that means they’re close enough to cuddle.

Find out more on our Open Day page!

Announcing our new workshop for 2017: Wondrous Weaving

Often people think that learning to weave is complicated requires a big and expensive loom – not so.

We use the SampleIt loom which, once the warp is threaded up, it needs about around a square metre of space.  It is quick and easy, and inexpensive, requiring very few tools and only taking up very little space. You can weave on your lap or on the kitchen table. You can weave when you have just a few spare minutes or for hours on end, producing something unique that no one else will have.

As well as making a scarf during this workshop, you will also get the chance to meet our llamas and alpacas.

We also have SampleIt looms for sale.

Check out our Wondrous Weaving page and Calendar for more info and dates.

Llamas grazing in the paddocks

Of droughts and flooding rains

This time last year our dams were going dry and all of our animals we being hand fed. What a change now! After our very wet autumn and winter our paddocks are looking green, the dams are full and our paddocks are sodden, making it nearly impossible to drive around the farm, and pretty unpleasant to walk around in all the mud. The high winds did a lot of damage to many farms and homes from the falling trees, but fortunately we escaped any damage.

We resisted the urge to get flippers and snorkels for the llamas and alpacas. However, this idea is still on the back burner, just in case we have more rain.

We were blessed to have several dry days in a row for our first shearing on 7th October. Here’s hoping the weather will be equally as good for the next two days of shearing in early November. If you are about to shear your alpacas or llamas, here is a link you might find useful

Hopefully in a couple of months we will have lots of grass in the paddocks and the mower, rakes and baler will be going flat out making our big round bales. Not only will this give us food for the winter, income from hay sales, but it will also be important to fire-proof Alpaca Magic.

A class or talk being held at an Alpaca Magic open day.

Upcoming workshops

This year’s workshops are nearly finished, but we still have a few coming up: Needle Felting, Wet Felting, The Magic of Donkeys, Llama Experience (including a one hour llama walk with your llama), Alpacas & Llamas for Fun & Profit.

For dates check out our calendar or you will find more information about each of these workshops/tours in that section of our website.

We are planning a new workshop on weaving, so please send us an expression of interest if you would like to do this workshop.

Good bye to our Weaning llama crias (baby llamas)

It is a joy to have baby animals and watch them grow, teach them to walk on a lead etc., but when they are ready to wean (that’s October) we feel a little sad knowing that some of them will be sold. Of course then their new owner will have all of the fun of having young llamas to play with.

We will be mating our girls in the next couple of months as well so that there will be another crop of crias in spring next year. (We will have some autumn 2017 babies as well)

Hello new Spring Crias (babies)!

Our first new spring bundle of joy was born on 12th October. “Sherpa” is a very large appaloosa boy, looking a lot like is very large appaloosa dad (Rubin). His mum is Shizade. The joy has now started, with lots of new babies due over spring and early summer. Check out the new babies (and last autumn babies at our Open Day (30th October)


Feeding alpacas and llamas

Open Day Sun 30th Oct and Sales Lists

As usual we will have lots of animals around the house for visitors to see and touch. With the unusually green paddocks, there should be some lovely photo opportunities. You will also have the chance to feel the alpacas and llamas exotic fleece and see some of the ways it can be used. You might even like to try out the fibre crafts yourself. Here is a link for more info

Open Day Sales Lists

We are having our Annual Reduction Sale in October & November.  We are preparing our sales lists shortly. Please ask for a sales list for the animals/products in which you are interested.

We will be selling:

  • White female alpacas
  • Female Llamas
  • Weanling llama males
  • Weanling Miniature Galloway bull calves
  • Raw Alpaca Fleece – various colours.