Alpaca Magic


10 am – 3 pm

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Often people think that learning to weave is quite complicated and needs a big and expensive loom – not so. We use the SampleIt loom which, once the warp is threaded up, it needs about around a square metre of space.  It is quick and easy, and inexpensive, requiring very few tools and only taking up very little space. You can weave on your lap or on the kitchen table. You can weave when you have just a few spare minutes or for hours on end, producing something unique that no one else will have.

At this hands-on workshop you will also meet the llamas and alpacas that are providing their fleece for your project.

You will make:

  • A scarf using coloured or natural fibres and yarns.
  • Several lengths of woven cloth can be sewn together to make a larger item

We will provide:

  • A loom for each student and all materials needed for the workshop
  • Tea, coffee, biscuits
  • Looms and extra materials are available for purchase on the day

You will need:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Your lunch

At a later time there may be an advanced weaving class.