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10 am – 3 pm

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A course for those who live in town, yet yearn for the country life.

Many city folk long for a quiet life in the country, perhaps growing their own food, collecting eggs from the chook pen, perhaps having a milking cow or goat, and maybe breeding a few alpacas to shear – and have the fleece spun up for a warm winter garment.  Perhaps you’d lover spending time riding a horse, or maybe putting a packsaddle on your llama and going bushwalking or going on a picnic.  Perhaps driving a donkey or llama in a jogger (cart) is more to your liking.

But not everyone can break the city ties and become country dwellers (or at least not right now). Perhaps you believe that a farm lifestyle will need to wait until retirement, or until the children are old enough to arrange their own transport.

You don’t have to wait! And you don’t have to leave your suburban home either! You could raise livestock in suburbia, board your livestock on a nearby farm, or maybe try out farming by leasing a block of land on which you can graze livestock.  Perhaps you could rent out your suburban home and rent a country home instead (try before you buy)

“The Urban Farmer” course offers options to the city dweller that isn’t quite ready to permanently commit to rural living.

Topics include:

  • Keeping livestock in your backyard
    • How and where to start
    • Selecting what kind of livestock is suitable
    • Pluses and Minuses
    • What’s legal and what’s not
    • Keeping the neighbours on side
    • What to do when you go on holidays
  • Agisting (boarding) and/or Management of livestock of all kinds
    • How to find agistment
    • The Agistee’s (your) obligations, the agistor’s (farmer’s) obligations
    • What sort of agistment suits you best
    • How much will it cost?
  • Leasing land on which to graze animals
    • Pluses and minuses
    • What will it cost
    • Where to look
  • Try before you buy – renting a country home

Please bring:

  • Sensible clothing
  • Your lunch
  • Pencil and paper
  • Camera

We will provide Tea and Coffee.

If you are planning on making a tree change see our workshop Making a tree change. We also offer private farm consultations and ongoing coaching.