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10 am – 3 pm

These workshops are usually by arrangement only, but can appear on our calendar.
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A course for those who are contemplating a Tree Change to country life. We run this workshop when there is sufficient interest – please register your interest by contacting sales@alpacamagic.com.au or phone Glynda on 62303311.

Many city folk long for a quiet rural retreat – a tree change – planting trees, gazing in awe at the starry night sky that you’d never see in town – growing your own food and living in harmony with nature.

Imagine moving towards self sufficiency: cooking on a wood stove with wood collected from your own paddocks, making glorious food with your own organic vegies, eggs & milk, spinning yarn & knitting a jumper from your own fleece, riding your own horse to the mail box or maybe you would like all the mod cons and to just LIVE on your rural retreat without worrying about being self sufficient.

Making a Tree Change – Living the Dream workshop caters for those considering a Tree Change, with only a small group so that individual needs can be met. It is run in an informal atmosphere with ample opportunity to see livestock, fencing etc ask questions; take photos, and includes morning tea.

Depending on the participants needs topics will include:

  • Why make a tree change? What are you seeking and what are you leaving behind?
  • Where to start
  • Trying a toe in the water approach – or diving in at the deep end
  • Partners and kids – their interests and needs
  • A better Standard of living – some of the differences between a city and a rural lifestyle
  • Finances: Work opportunities – commuting – farm income – retirement
  • Transport
  • Other Services
  • Entertainment
  • Taking holidays away from the farm
  • Things a new farmer needs to know:
    • Owning a bush block or a productive farm – your obligations
    • Building or Buying the House
    • Farming potential of land, farming potential of yourself
    • Self Sufficiency
    • Your own veggie patch
    • Fitting into your new community
    • Livestock – choosing the right animals for your needs – the pros and cons
    • And lots more

Please bring:

  • Sensible clothing, shoes and hat
  • Your lunch
  • Pencil and paper
  • Camera if you like

Tea & Coffee provided.

If you are planning on making a tree change, we offer private Farm Consultations to help you make a smooth and financially efficient transition.