People walking through the bush around a river with their llamas
A toddler girl in a pink coat leading a llama around the yard

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By arrangement

By arrangement

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This workshop is not run on a regular basis. We run this workshop when there is sufficient interest. Please express your interest.

What gentle giant stands around 2m high, has soft doe-like eyes, long eyelashes, even longer ears, can turn into an exotic warm jumper, carry your pack on a bush walk, can be harnessed into a cart, and chases foxes away?  You got it… it is the larger relative of the alpaca – the llama.

This workshop is designed

  • for individual tuition
  • for group and family tuition

At the workshop you will learn:

  • how to bond with a cria (baby) llama
  • how to handle and train llamas, both cria and adult
  • how to care for, breed, and manage them
  • how to have fun with your llama – what can you do with a llama?
  • showing – conformation, fleece and obstacle course
  • using your llama for carrying saddle packs

The workshop is for multiples of 4-hour sessions.  How many sessions depends on what you would like to learn. We can also show you about handling and training llamas. Bring you own llama or use one of ours.

If you are not ready to own an alpaca or llama, you might like to check out Adopt a Llama and Volunteering at Alpaca Magic.