Alpaca Magic


10 am – 3 pm

This workshop is not run on a regular basis. We run this workshop when there is sufficient interest.
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This workshop is not run on a regular basis. We run this workshop when there is sufficient interest. Please express your interest.

In order to do this class you must have completed the Introductory Felting Class.

Knit/felt can be used for any project you would normally felt, eg. Hats, boots, jumpers, jackets, bags, etc. There will be examples and discussion at previous workshops so you can plan your project and gather materials.

For knitters this is an opportunity to create marvellous fabrics using both felting and non felting yarns. For non-knitters, thrift shops are a great place to gather your materials.

Be on the lookout for wool, alpaca, mohair, Shetland pre-knitted garments. DO NOT BRING “Superwash”, machine washable or acrylic garments – they won’t felt) Look for interesting textures, designs (eg fairisle). Both sides of the garment can be used.

Try to buy two or more garments that will compliment each other.  When felted they will be used to make pieced garments (like quilting).

In this workshop we will:

  • Learn to felt of knitted fabric
  • Select garments that will compliment each other
  • felt second-hand knitted garments
  • learn felting methods (by hand and washing machine and dryer)
  • calculate shrinkage, seams, shaping etc
  • learn how to prepare the felted product into a new garment

We will provide:

  • Tools needed to make the felt
  • Notes
  • Morning and afternoon tea

You will need:

  • Your lunch
  • A pre-knitted garment or fabric to felt  (see info above)
  • Clothes you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Sensible shoes
  • Rubber gloves
  • A camera if you like