The llamas go to town

Llamas being walked around the town center

On Sunday 17th January 2016, two Sydney University Animal Science students and myself from accompanied Glynda and two of her llamas, Romeo and Nimbus, into Gold Creek Village. The purpose of the excursion was to promote the llama walks provided on the farm and to educate the general public about llamas. The two llamas had a great day, behaving like perfect gentlemen, making many new friends and coming home with their stomachs full of carrots and other special treats.

Most common question:  Do they spit? Answer:  Dogs bite, cats scratch and hoses kick – well some of them do – and llamas (sometimes spit).  Spitting is usually reserved for arguments within the llama herd and rarely does a human become a target.  Their spit is just chewed up grass.  It doesn’t smell great, but it isn’t acidic or toxic and can be washed off.

The day was a good educational opportunity for us as students to learn about how people and llamas interact with each other and to gain experience in handling llamas in a variety of circumstances. It also serves to teach people about the calm and gentle nature of llamas and for the llamas themselves to become accustomed to being handled in a busy environment. It was surprising to see how differently people reacted to the llamas. Most people know very little about them and hopefully meeting the two llamas in such a positive way will inspire people to become involved both in the wonderful work Glynda does and with llamas in general.

Emma Tinslay
University of Sydney Student