Of droughts and flooding rains

Llamas grazing in the paddocks

This time last year our dams were going dry and all of our animals we being hand fed. What a change now! After our very wet autumn and winter our paddocks are looking green, the dams are full and our paddocks are sodden, making it nearly impossible to drive around the farm, and pretty unpleasant to walk around in all the mud. The high winds did a lot of damage to many farms and homes from the falling trees, but fortunately we escaped any damage.

We resisted the urge to get flippers and snorkels for the llamas and alpacas. However, this idea is still on the back burner, just in case we have more rain.

We were blessed to have several dry days in a row for our first shearing on 7th October. Here’s hoping the weather will be equally as good for the next two days of shearing in early November. If you are about to shear your alpacas or llamas, here is a link you might find useful http://www.alpacamagic.com.au/shearing/

Hopefully in a couple of months we will have lots of grass in the paddocks and the mower, rakes and baler will be going flat out making our big round bales. Not only will this give us food for the winter, income from hay sales, but it will also be important to fire-proof Alpaca Magic.