Llamas on Show

Llama being led around the showground

Bungendore is only a small community and as a result they hold only a one day Agricultural Show, held on the last Sunday of February each year. A small community it may be, but nevertheless they manage each year to have a good little show with lots of animals being judged, and lots of entertainment for their visitors.

Every show has some “special event” – this year Bungendore’s special event was the Dachshund Race.  This explained why everywhere I looked seemed to be (yet another) dachshund.

The llamas weren’t sure what to make of them – were they or weren’t they dogs?  They sure were close to the ground and very very, long.  They llamas were fascinated!  (and so were the dachshunds).

“I am looking for the people who brought llamas to the Bungendore show last year” a voice on the phone said “do you know who that might be?”

“Yes”, I said ”they were my llamas that you have had at the show before.”

“I was wondering if you could bring them again this year – so many people said how much they enjoyed seeing, and patting  the roving llamas” she said.

Mark Ayyad and Linda Pedersen (both llama proud owners) and I began our Roving Llama walk.  It is a very slow walk when you walk somewhere with a llama on a lead.  People ask so many questions about them and want to touch them.  Everyone is amazed how gentle and calm they are with so many unusual sights and sounds around them.

Just for a bit of fun we entered the Pet competition – with lots of novelty classes – the biggest, the smallest, the most unusual, the waggiest tail, most like owner, best (fancy) dressed etc.  Not surprisingly our 2 metre llamas won tallest and most unusual pet categories and were the Grand Champion runners-up.

As usual I am always impressed how the llamas take events in their stride, as if they do this sort of thing every day.  Yet one more reason why we love our llamas.


Llamas and friends at the show