Donkey Delights


Event: Donkey Delights
Date: 03/09/2022
Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Total spaces for this event: 20
Remaining spaces available: 20


How big is a donkey? Well, that’s usually a matter of perspective… Not with our gorgeous pack. We have regular sized donkeys, miniature donkeys, and sometimes we have some VERY little foals!

Just like oversized dogs, these animals love to follow you around; give you a gentle nudge, or tug on your clothing, to remind you that ALL your attention should be on petting them; and they even smile for the camera!

What would 1 hour with our donkey pack be like? Well, you’ll be just as reluctant as our animals will be to let you go home. And you’ll probably need to clear out some space on your phone to accomodate all the selfies you’re going to take.

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Booking for children and infants

Children and animals can be unpredictable. We find that when children attend workshops we need to pay extra attention to keep them, other guests, and our animals safe. Entry for children is priced at $40 per child, unless they are carried by their parents for the duration of the time they are here at Alpaca Magic


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Ticket Type Price Spaces
Standard Ticket $40.00