A Llama Romance

Romantic couple that were engaged on a llama walk

Ramey Shehara phoned Glynda at Alpaca Magic – Llama Magic with (what he said was) an unusual request.

“My girlfriend loves llamas and I would like to take her on a llama walk on 5th December 2015.  It is a big secret because I want to propose marriage to her.  I know this is an unusual request – but it is possible?”

Glynda (the proprietor of Alpaca Magic – Llama Magic) smiled – “I see no reason why we couldn’t do that.  When did you have in mind?”

“Well”, said Ramey – there’s a bit more than that:  I want her to be completely surprised.  I want to us to have brunch afterwards, and bring a change of clothes for her – the next surprise will be to go to a spar, and then there will be another change of clothes and then we will be having a big family dinner.”

“What I would like to do is bring the food for brunch and the engagement ring the day before, and I would like her to think we are just coming for a visit…….and then surprise her with the llama walk and surprise her even more by proposing marriage while we are on the walk.  Can you help me do that?”

“Wow – that is an amazing plan!” Glynda, bit of a romanticist and was delighted with this idea “Absolutely fantastic! Let’s do it!”

The day came and Ramey brought his girlfriend Melina Samimi to Glynda’s farm.  As arranged, Glynda pretended to know nothing about the visit.  “I’m really sorry, but we have postponed the event that was to be at 9 am this morning – we won’t start until about 11am – would you like to go for a llama walk while you wait?”

Melina was delighted with that idea.

While they were away the Vet Science students from Sydney University, who were here on a professional placement, decided to make some shortbread biscuits using llama shaped cookie cutters for Ramey and Melina.

On their return Melina was jubilant – she was engaged!!!  ….but there was more …next came the brunch, and then the change of clothes.  Melina said she had absolutely no idea about their visit or Ramey’s proposal.  “He never can keep me in the dark about something – except this time he did – what a fantastic surprise.”

What’s the bet that they will be back for anniversaries?

For Melina and Ramey this will be an event never to be forgotten – an event they will recount to their friends, children and grandchildren.

Newly engaged couple surrounded by happy llamas