Llamas and alpacas queuing for breakfast with a quote that the canteen is opening late for breakfast

Alpaca Magic

$30 (1.5 hr)

8am – 9:30am

This event is held once to twice a month, only in the warmer months of the year.
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Have you ever wanted a close up and personal experience with a llama?

Have you ever wondered what alpacas do first thing in the morning?
What does an alpaca eat for breakfast?
What’s the difference between an alpaca and a llama?
Why is their fleece considered as the “fibre of the Gods”?
Why are they called enviro-livestock?
Why are so many people enamoured by them?
Why are they seen as an ethical investment?

These questions and a lot more answered while you have an up close and personal experience with our alpacas and llamas.

Come and meet over 200 alpacas and llamas and feed them treats (bring carrots finely sliced no more than the thickness of a coin). The animals have their breakfast about 8-10 am and that is the best time for a visit if you would like to be VERY up close and personal.

Bring your own picnic breakfast and mingle with these gentle and inquisitive animals.  You could well lose your heart to an alpaca or llama. Wear comfortable clothing a hat and sturdy shoes, bring your camera.

Tea and coffee available.

Well supervised children are welcome.

Alpaca crias waiting in line to be fed
Alpaca crias looking cute in the yard